Frequently Asked Questions

There are purchase buttons. What exactly am I purchasing?

You are purchasing a Space Email account. This grants you access to some more features which are outlined on the purchase page.

Why are you charging for this?

Right now I'm working on gaining some funding to create a mobile version of Space Email for iOS and Android. I don't have any of the development tools. Plus, I need to make a living.

Hmmm, those features aren't worth it to me...

That's fine, it's completely free to use. Check back often, though, there's constant work on adding new things. There's no guarantee the price won't go up, so purchase sooner rather than later, if you can!

I saw a colored message. What does it mean?

Paid users can select the color their messages show up as on the inbox.

How do I change the color?

Go to "Options" on the compose panel.

Can I reply directly to messages? Will you ever let me reply?

No. That's not really the spirit of Space Email.

The refresh button isn't working!

It only gives you the next one once the first click has processed. So if the loading icon is still there, wait until it's finished before pressing again. This decreases the load on the server. If thing's never come through, and the loading animation stays, then something's up - drop a line from the Contact page or Tumblr.

I get an error when I try to send my message. What's going on?

There is either no subject, no sender, or no body. Otherwise, something is up and you should contact the site.

I'm trying to send a message, but it keeps saying "Hold on a minute"

The current limitation for messages is 1 minute per message. This decreases the load on the server and prevents spam. When things improve, it may go down. If you've waited over a minute and it still says this, try re-loading the page.

Nothing happens when I click share.

It opens in a pop-up window and may be blocked by your pop-up blocker.