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With each message sent, an IP address is collected to determine who is sending certain messages, for the purpose of blocking users who write obscene content from posting messages. We also use cookies to analyze site usage (for example, to detect a first-time visitor).

This site also employs the use of Google Analytics. This is to track statistics about how our users use the site (for example, average time spent on page). Read more about the data Google collects here.

With each message, we collect your IP address (for the purposes of blocking seedy users). We use cookies to analyze site usage.

We also use Google Analytics.


User Content: Users write messages and may choose to disclose certain personally identifying information. This is not recommended because this information will be seen by others.

If you so choose, you may purchase an account. At this time we ask for payment information and an email address. We DO NOT store your payment information. The information is transmitted through the site to the payment processor, Your email address IS stored, and we may use this as a method of correspondence. If you wish to not receive these updates, you may unsubscribe through the email.

You may choose to provide personal information through messages you post. You are not, under any circumstances, obligated to post such information, and discouraged from doing so. The site and its operators are not responsible for consequences of such action.

You provide user content, which we collect and store. You can choose to post personal information, but it will be seen by others, and it is not easy to track down to remove. Think before you post!

If you wish, you can pay for an account. We DON'T collect payment information, but send it directly to the processor, At this time we collect your email address, so you can sign in and we can contact you directly.